VIDEO: Lucid Dreams – Dr. Peacock

Recording with Dr. Peacock at the Abbey Road Studio

Last year the whole Dr. Peacock Family came to the Abbey Road studio in order to record their newest track with me in the live room and studio 2, with the famous analogue SSL console. Special thanks to Janice Wong, Jesse Borkens and Gaya Tideman for their extraordinary assistance that day: we were a great team!

We made sure everything was nice and fine for the whole band, when at four, the harp player Mechteld Karlien came in with her wooden Gothic harp from 1818. It was an honour to record such an historic, stunning instrument and to see a harp player play with so much passion. Within one hour, the rest of the band arrived, including Dr. Peacock with his girlfriend, father, manager and the cameraman. Jurriene Sax, the charismatic saxophone player, brought his alt and soprano saxphone, which we recorded one after another with the Neumann U87. The hands of Sacha Hoedemaker flew over the keys of the Grand Steinway piano, while Eva Pepper and Kim de Beer produced emotinal melodylines out of their violins.

Creating the track Lucid Dreams with the band

The track was recorded when the band played the song together. After a few takes, we chose the best track, and recorded all the instruments seperately over the created guideline. The guitar player, Jochem Kok was there as well. We decided that there was not enough time to record the guitar, so we plugged his guitar into an amp, for the videoclip, and he recorded the guitar parts later. Opera vocalist Adina Schnitzel – I am not sure if that is her real name or hilarious Facebookname – was there the whole afternoon and evening, but I recorded her vocal parts later with the fabulous vintage Neumann U47 mic in the same Abbey Road studios. After this rewarding recording day, I spend quite some time on editing and mixing all the separate parts. The track Dr. Peacock made with those fresh recorded parts, is out now on all professional music streaming channels. Tune in!

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