Wolfsjong Productions wants to put a big smile on your face, by creating and catching the perfect sound. You can check out my range of services and in-house equipment, right here.



I would love to work with you on your songs. Writing together, while creating a good vibe is my specialty. I love all genres, from jazzy, poppy songs till rock and metal songs: feel free to contact me. We can work on your songs wherever you like. My home is a nice relaxed place to be creative as well, you are welcome to sit in front of the fireplace, next to the piano and be creative! In the summer my garden is a great place to work on songs together.

recording artist

Our ideas can be recorded at my house immediately. Over the years I collected great microphones and great gear to record your songs with. Because of my study at Abbey Road Advanced Music Production & Sound Engineering, I know exactly which microphone to use, and how. I recently bought the Neumann U47 vintage microphone. Yes, the same Adele uses to record her vocals. I can record you in my home studio, or I can book a large studio for you, when we can record drums and piano for example. Don’t worry about the microphones, interface and other gear: I will bring it to the studio! You also can contact me for the recording of audio. Think of podcasts, voice overs & audiobooks.

music production

Do you write beautiful songs, but don’t know how to produce them? I am your woman. A producer can shorten a song, change the structure, can tell you to maybe change some lyrics so the flow of your song will improve. The changes a producer makes, can lead up to a song where emotion is evoked. A producer can make sure that the story you want to tell makes sense for your audience. Also a producer can add layers of different instruments to your song. Because I know how to record, and use micophones as a creative tool, I can bring your songs to a higher level.


I can mix your songs or audio using Pro Tools – the industry standard – or Logic with a bunch of high tech plugins. Together we won’t rest until we’ve got the sound you want! I or we, can mix in my own studio or in any studio of your choice. If you need a professional mix, and somebody with a good ear, again, I am your woman!

portable producer

At my studio at home I can record, produce and mix vocals, violins, cello, guitar, bass guitar, MIDI & percussion. For full band recordings including drumkit, and maybe a piano, we kind of need a bigger space. You can hire me to be your sound engineer or producer anywhere in Holland. I am able to work in an equipped studio, or we can rent a space or empty studio and I can bring my collection of microphones, Apollo Twin X, pre-amp, cables and microphone stands to any studio you like.



Rippen piano from 1953
Fender Wear Worn electrical guitar
Steelstring acoustic guitar
Nylonstring acoustic guitar
Maple Wood drum-kit with Masterworks
Zildjian cymbals


Neumann U47 vintage
Neumann KM184
Røde K2


Pro Tools
Plugins: a lot


Apollo Interface X
8-channel Audient pre-amp
Guitar amplifier
Bass amplifier
Want to work together? Or do you have questions about my services, rates or availability? Please feel free to contact me for more information.